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The Scientific Adventures of Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla


An unlikely friendship arose between one of America’s greatest scientists, and one of her most influential writers. Great fans of each other’s work, Sam Clemens and Nikola Tesla’s relationship was one of great humor and mutual respect.

In this novel, the author tries to capture the heart and adventurous spirit of two of history’s great minds through a series of (mostly) fictional adventures, where the pair face ghosts, earthquakes, aliens, and the occasional megalomaniacal dictator.

Dimensional Games
In a world where tourists make use of parallel dimensions to live out their wildest fantasies, Jake Price is a dimensional moderator tasked with making sure visitors from our dimension don't screw up the alternate worlds they play in too badly. It would be an easy job, if it weren't for the hordes of fanboys continually trying to bang hot looking elves for bragging rights, or the occasional megalomaniac that tries to take over a technologically backward world just because he knows the secret of gunpowder. To make matters worse, Jake's just been assigned a corporate observer with the cybernetic ability to record his every move...        

 Interdimensionally Yours, Jake Price.

Jake Price is back, and looking for love in the skies of Earth 352. Unfortunately, after encountering a werewolf, an FBI agent, and a few vampires, his romantic cruise gets turned into a quest to save the Multiverse.

Just another day in the life of a Dimensional Moderator...

'Interdimensionaly Yours, Jake Price' is the sequel to the author's previous novel, 'Dimensional Games'. If you enjoy sci-fi in your comedy, t
his book is for you!

Jake Price and the Reality Realtors

The interdimensional travel game has never been easy, but when a mysterious competitor company starts selling off realities to the highest bidder there’s bound to be trouble. Nothing the Dimensional Concepts Moderators can’t handle of course; But they soon find out a team of the competitions interdimensional prospectors has been stranded on a forbidden earth One from which only one Moderator has ever returned... As usual, it’s going to be a bad day to be Jake Price!


 Dreams Of Steam II: Brass and Bolts

Edited by Kimberly Richardson, Featuring Rob's short story "In Tesla's Court"

Murder, mystery, and amazing steam technology come together to give you a dark taste of the prim and proper Victorian age . Steampunk teases your imagination with the fantastic and makes dreams a reality. These 25 incredible stories will take you to a time in history when crazy inventions and scandal were born.
 Dreams of Steam 3: Gadgets

Edited by Kimberly Richardson, Featuring Rob's short story "the Great Steamship Race"

Steampunk teases your imagination with the fantastic and makes dreams a reality. Bizarre characters abound in a world driven by gadgets. Steam power combines with clockwork cleverness to take the history we think we know so well and add a huge twist of what if. These 15 incredible stories will take you back in time to where style, crazy inventions, and scandal ruled the headlines.