Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Things or people that do NOT bother me.

Tagged by Melinda... who, (oddly enough) does not bother me.

The following things do not bother me in the slightest...

1) When my boss shows up with 10 pounds of these:and invites us all to partake of them for lunch. Sure beats Burger King.

2)My staple remover:
despite the fact that it's obviously broken it's the best staple remover I've ever had, and the fact that it's broken doesn't bother me in the slightest. What does bother me is that I get asked once a month why I haven't replaced it.

3) Previews of coming attractions. In fact, I love the previews before the movie begins so much that it drives Dizzy nuts that I always insist on not missing them. It's also the one feature I always look to be included when buying a new DVD.

4) Kids that ask questions. While seated next to a koi pond at a chinese food place the other day a ten year old that was trying to see if goldfish liked fortune cookies asked me if I knew why they had a pond in the middle of the restaurant. I happily answered with everything I knew about how and why oriental cultures find fish to be good luck. Expanding a young mind feels good.

5) When someone buys me a beer. Or food. Or a houseboat. So you know... feel free if the mood strikes you.

6) Being hugged. (Although rumors abound that I hate it when people hug me)

7) Being tagged for memes (I don't always have the time to do them, but I generally enjoy anything that forces me to write)

8) Spelling mistakes. Bad grammar however, really pisses me off to the point where there are some blogs I simply won't read anymore because they are so badly written.

9) People that dislike me. Everyone's entitled to their opinion.

10) My weight.

11) Bad puns. Bad pranks are a different issue entirely.

12) Elvis Impersonators.

So, time to tag a few folk that almost never update their blogs:



Stacey said...

I was gonna put #4 on mine too. I was at CVS the other day and they're taking donations for research on Lou Gehrig's disease and had those little round pieces of paper with the names of people who had donated all over the place. There was a pretty active kid in front of me in line and he kept asking his mom who all those people were. Simple question, quick answer, right? Wrong. Mom wouldn't even look at the kid. "Mom, who are all these people? Mom? Mom? Who are all these people?" I wanted to answer for her, but I figured I was overstepping a boundary. He finally came to his own conclusion after being repeatedly ignored and said "All these people WORK HERE?" (There are hundreds of these pieces of paper everywhere.)

I can understand being superduper busy and being completely overwhelmed and not wanting to tell your kid exactly why the sky is blue. But for heaven's sake, this woman was buying nail polish and a paper and wasn't even looking at her kid. She did bark at him once because he was touching a photo album, so I know she could see him and he wasn't just some ghost kid that I was imagining.


Melinda Barton said...

Hey, my blog better not be in that badly written category. I fudge the grammar a bit on purpose, but generally I think I writes good. Don't you thinks I writes good, Rob? And I'm so glad too know that I don'ts bother you, even if I am a big ol' lesbo. haha