Monday, March 03, 2008

Absolutely amazing....

The following sight snapped with my cameraphone on my morning commute last Friday is familiar to most of us around election time... particularly in the south, where the weather is generally good enough to allow for such things. A bunch of campaign volunteers out on the street corner of a busy intersection waving signs, in the vain hope that it will prompt you to suddenly slap yourself in the head and say "WOW! SOMEONE WAVING A SIGN! I need to vote for that guy!" Normally, I just ignore these folks, drive happily by and continue not giving a damn. Friday was different though, because in this picture is something I have never seen before.

I know that the resolution sucks, but if you look closely, you will see that the gentleman in the red and blue tie is Mr. Steve Scalise, candidate for my local congressional seat (left vacant when Bobby Jindal was made governor of Louisiana) . That's right... it's not just a bunch of dumbass volunteers waving furiously to keep from freezing on a blustery Louisiana morning... the actual CANDIDATE is out there with them, smiling and waving at passerby. I double checked this fact by looking at his website, and sure enough it was him.

It's refreshing that a candidate for public office is humble enough to actually stand side by side with those campaigning for him. It shows character and humility. The man's got my vote.

Of course, this is probably exactly why he did it, and I have just been manipulated royaly. Is it just me? Would this make a difference to you?

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brigette said...

Because Steve Scalise has been harassing me and my answering machine everyday, sometimes twice a day, for the past week, with his stupid prerecorded "Vote for me" schtick.
Stop calling!!!!