Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mobicon 2009

It's been a busy week for us here at casa Cerio, and this week's posts are going to be largely about what I did last week... Beginning with this years Mobicon, which was this past weekend.

Mobicon is a very special Con for me and the wife... It's where we met, where I offically proposed, and the one con that we can both cut loose at. Most notably, Silverfoxes costumes become way more elaborate for this con. She's lost a lot of weight since she returned to work and upped her game considerably this year, starting with a really hot lookin pirate outfit. Here she is striking the Captain Morgan pose while hanging out with Dizzy and Lex at the local Popeyes:

Yes, she looks faboo... and it of course begs the question of where was I while Silverfox was off carousing and screamimg "Avast me hearties!" at random folks? in the game room hanging with Dave, of course. We had an idea for a Heroclix scenario involving Godzilla and a Mega-blocks constructed city, and seeing how Pint Size and Short Stuff were okay with grown men borrowing their toys for the weekend, we decided to have a monster battle royale. Here we see Godzilla taking a few swigs from my bubba keg before charging into battle:

You know, the movies never really pointed it out, but that lizard is such a lush. Soon though, he was giving his all against the likes of Iron Man:
We had a blast. The best part of it for me was sitting in this room full of serious miniature wargamer types staring at the two drunk guys in the corner laughing their asses off after Godzilla knocked a Mega block building over onto Aquaman. The final score was Godzilla 1, Marvel Universe 2, DC Universe 0.

Ahhh... good times.

The next day brought with it a slight hangoverand a Costume change for Silverfox, who looked positively fetching in her Steampunk Catwoman costume:
Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time someone said "Damn, your wife is hot!" I could have paid for the hotel room. Nothing inflates my ego like the "lucky bastard" look fanboys give me when I walk in with my lady on my arm. It didn't hurt the stares factor that she usually had Lex in tow:
For those of you with pittifully low res monitors, that button on her collar says "Evil Henchman #1". This picture was taken just before they both went and bought more Henchmen at the charity slave auction, who all wore buttons Silverfox had made for the occasion that gave them each an "Evil Henchman" number.

It wasn't all fun and games though, I had two ghost hunting panels to put on, (and I'll post about them as soon as I download the pics off of Silverfoxes camera), which went really well.

Silverfox and I got to spend a lot of time together, (which I really miss since she went back to work), and I got to hang with friends that I don't see as often as I would prefer. It was just an awesome time.

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Melinda Barton said...

Damn! She is looking hot lately. Maybe you'll be the one sleeping on the couch next month! heh