Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Cute kid story...

While getting the boys off to school this morning, I had Short Stuff carry his and his brother's schoolbags down to the Cerio family bus. Normally I carry Pint Sizes bag myself, but I think that the little guy is practicing for a future in political activism... specifically, he's been working on the "passive resistance" thing to avoid going to school. With my laptop bag slung over one shoulder and Pint Size over the other, we finally made our way to the car. While I buckled Pint Size (again, reluctantly...) into his car seat, I handed Short Stuff my laptop bag as well, and told him to put it in the car.

As I slid behind the steering wheel, Short Stuff regally proclaimed himself to be "The King of Bags".

"Actually..." I said, "You're more like the knave of bags."

"What's a Knave?" he asked.

"A knave is one of the King's subjects... that the king gets to boss around because he lives on the King's land. In this particular situation, I would be the King of bags, You the Knave of bags, and Pint Size..."

We looked behind us, and Pint Size was chewing on the straps of his car seat in a vain attempt at escape.

"Well, he's probably the court jester." I said, chuckling.

Short Stuff got a big kick out of that and began looking in his bookbag for something, finally producing a banana that I had given him for a snack at school.

"Well, then can I be the King of Fruit?" he asked.

"Sure." I said, grinning.

"Knave!" he said, royally addressing the banana, "Get back in the bag!"

Oddly enough, the banana did.

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Melinda said...

That kid has been hanging out with you too long. He's picking up on your sense of humor.