Monday, October 10, 2011

The not-so fresh beats

I have kids below the age of ten, and unfortunately that means I am subjected to an inordinate amount of childrens programming every day. While this can be awesome (my 9 year old just discovered the wonder of Rocky and Bullwinkle) it is more often terrible.

Case in point, should your preschooler ever want to watch these yahoos:
My advice is simply this... Run. The Fresh Beat band is simply put the most repetitive, inane piece of pablum that has ever come out of the minds at Nickelodeon. Keep in mind, that this is from a guy that has no problem with the Teletubbies or Yo-Gabba-Gabba.

The worst part is that the show wouldn't actually be that bad to share with your kids (they promote discussions about creativity, friendship and responsibility) if it wasn't for the fact that they know exactly five songs, which they repeat over and over again every episode. I promise you that after three or four of them, you'll want to fill up the bathtub and throw in a live toaster. To make it worse, the bright primary colors and happy tones make this like kiddie crack. They will insist on a daily (sometimes twice daily) hit of this crap.

Do yourself a favor and make them watch the Backyardigans instead.

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Andrew said...

You've got to admit the one in pink is pretty easy on the eyes.