Wednesday, April 03, 2013

What a difference a day makes...

My favorite Author (Douglas Adams) always had a problem with Thursdays. I personally find Tuesdays to be far more repugnant, and in fact the worst day of the week.  Worse than Wednesdays, or even the dreaded Mondays.

"What, Rob?" You say now, staring aghast at your monitor/smartphone/tablet, "Are you insane? Mondays are universally accepted as the worst day of the week!"

While I am sure that the fat cats in Washington and comic strips want us to believe that, Man... it simply isn't true.   Mondays get a bad rap, but it's all a carefully orchestrated illusion, and I'll explain why. To begin with, Monday was never intended to be the first day of the week, and the whole Monday-Friday 'workweek' is a relatively new invention. In the past, every day was 'workweek' or you starved. You had to hunt/gather/farm/shelter etc., or you were screwed.

When the wacky Jews came up with the idea of resting for a day (Like they say God did, depending on your faith... me, I like to believe that he didn't rest, but instead came up with things like mai-tais and swimming pools in his off time) it was actually a radical idea. Devout Jews will tell you that back then it wasn't Sunday either... It was sundown Friday till sundown Saturday. This left Sunday in the unenviable position of hatred by lasagna eating cats as the first day of the week. But again, this mattered less when every day was caught up in the work of survival. Cows and chickens don't milk themselves, and fish don't jump in the canoe just because you decided to take a break today (Asian Carp notwithstanding.).
But in our modern society, Monday gets a bad rap because it means "Back to work." Which is kinda understandable. But it also means "Beginning of the week" which is overall a good thing. On Monday your week is still full of promise, hope, and expectation. Anything could happen this week, and that anything could still be AMAZING! Optimism rules on Monday, even on bad Mondays, because you have the entire week to get over the obstacles of Monday.

Tuesdays however, suck ass.

By Tuesday, you have a much better idea how the rest of the week is going to shape up. Whatever issues couldn't be resolved on Monday are likely to carry through to the rest of the week. If you're like me, Tuesday is when you start really questioning your life choices up to this point, particularly those you made on Monday knowing full well that you have three more days of this crap until you can take a breath. Helplessness. Rage. Despair. Tuesday.

Wednesday is a little better because we're halfway home. Wednesday shows you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it's all downhill to Saturday. Thursdays you can phone in. Fridays you're buoyed by anticipation for the weekend. But Tuesdays... Fuck Tuesdays.

From the DOA management: This post was written on a Wednesday, after a particularly dreadful Tuesday. Rob seldom gets writing done on a Tuesday, for obvious reasons. 

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