Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Posting while ill... I must love you people.

If this entry seems to be disjointed and make little sense, well tough. I’m sick, and it makes my normally ordered, fun-loving brain work a bit wonky.

I hate being sick. It totally takes the fun out of life to be stuck wheezing in bed for a few days. I also hate the way being sick screws with my dreams. Last night I had a lengthy one about Pee-Wee’s playhouse preparing to wage a full on war against Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. I woke myself up when Pterry started screaming “Death to the proletariat!!” while strapping on a bandolier of grenades. The night before, I had a similar dream about the Venture Brothers and Johnny Quest. I don’t know why my brain even bothered with that one… It’s pretty obvious Brock Samson would just kill Race Bannon and eat his heart. Anyway, no more Adult Swim until I feel better.

I also have noticed the fact that I’m kinda dense. Sometimes I feel like that chick in the Wendy’s commercial where the guy is telling her about how he was eating a chicken sandwich, when he happened upon a real, honest to goodness unicorn. Then after hearing this, she turns to him and says “they have a chicken sandwich there?”

I too, tend to be oblivious to the unicorn. Particularly when it comes to relationships. It takes me forever to recognize the signs of a woman being interested in me, and even then I tend not to believe it. Charity always said that it was because I’m “too much of a gentleman” to assume something that would lead me to smooching without being hit over the head with a sledgehammer. One thing I have found about women, though… is that no matter how smart, funny, and charming you are, with some women it simply will never be enough. I have also found out that going out and pounding back a few brews after noticing this never helps the situation.

Like I say, I’m kinda dense. Now I’m dense, sick, and just a little hung over too.

I did, however notice this… absolutely brilliant. hmmm… I wonder what I have lying around to trade….


Melinda Barton said...

Has EVERYONE been sick lately? Am I the only idiot (other than Susan) to think working sick is a good idea? I just want to sleep forever!!!!

Drew said...

I've got 3 episodes of the new season of Venture Brothers in the DVR. But don't go bringing any germs up here. Ace would not approve.

dreamwalker said...

A universal bug, obviously. Said bug, or a variation thereof, has been doing the rounds here too.

We have been short staffed for ages, as no sooner do people return to work, than the next lot are groaning, and retire to recuperate. I have been spared...so far..

Oh, and thanks for giving me hope..I own a paper clip.. :)