Friday, July 07, 2006

With apologies to Peter Griffin...

Some things that grind my gears:

1)Trains. I have a love/hate thing with them at this point. I love the roar of a diesel locomotive at speed as it runs at 60 mph down a long stretch of straight rail. I hate having to sit in traffic for twenty minutes on my way to work at the rail crossing.

2)Fast food places and gas stations that haven’t opened since the hurricane because “not enough people have moved back to that area” completely neglecting the thousands of poor, helpless commuters that pass by the place every frickin day dreaming of Kentucky fried goodness.

3)Songs that have sound elements in them which sound EXACTLY like my turn signals, engine problems, police sirens, or my cell phone. Tweeting birds or other things that probably aren’t, but could be, in my car aren’t much better.

4)People that think they’re brilliant because they know Marilyn Monroe cut off the heel of one shoe to develop her sexy walk. Then beat us at pub quiz due to this fact. Try knowing the specific gravity of Boron, asswipe.

So, what grinds y'alls gears?


Brou HahHah said...

Grinding my gears is a future post, but you know, the KFC's in Pontchy and Hammond are both good. And open. The Pontchy one used to have awesome service.

Stacey said...

Traffic circles

People who put their carts NEXT TO the cart return

Drivers over 90

Bad stylists

Illinois Nazis

Becca said...

I could probably write a novel, but the most recent thing that grinds my gears is idiots that STOP in the EZ Pass lanes at the tolls!!!

Especially when they have out-of-state plates. Then you know they'll try and reverse out of the situation, or just sit there and wait for Johnny Toll Collector to come and explain their gaffe.

Melinda Barton said...

1. Doctors who insist on throwing out oodles of medical gobbledy gook they KNOW you're not going to understand rather than explaining things clearly and concisely in English.
2. Doctors who think you DON'T need to know all of the details of what they're testing you for and why.
3. Doctors who don't seem to get that if your meds are working like they're supposed to, you will not display all of the symptoms that the little book tells them go along with your rare condition.
4. Doctors who say stupid crap like... "You shouldn't be on beta blockers for the spasms, you should be on calcium channel blockers." Read my freaking chart! I AM on calcium channel blockers for the coronary artery spasms. I'm on beta blockers for the arrythmia and to (thankfully) undo the damage wrought by the heart attacks! Duhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
5. Having to be topless in front of random strangers just b/c they happen to be in the medical field.
6. Having a tech either ask me to lift my left breast for the stupid electrodes to be put on OR having HIM actually do it himself without warning.
7. Having a stupid dumbass who should know something about bedside manner decide it's a good idea to sit down next to me and say, "You do realize you're probably going to die, right? That this is probably going to kill you." (I had my first heart attack at 28. I think I've figured that out, jackass!)
8. Hearing: "But you're so young!" Yeah, I know how old I am and I realize you're older than I'll probably ever be. I try to live my life as if that's not true, so stop reminding me that I'm a 30 year old with little hope of turning 40.

Sorry, I needed the rant. If I have to explain my condition to one more person, even a doctor, I'm going to scream and beat them about the head with a pepperoni!

dreamwalker said...

After reading that I have nothing to complain about!!

I am actually incredibly easy going so very little grinds my gears anyway. I do think it rains too much over here (and I love sunshine)...but hey, better than too little :)