Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The full story....A red hot New Year's eve

It all started out to be a fun and happening New Year's eve, with a nice diverse crowd showing up for our party... here we see Dizzy, Fin, and Finwife reasonably in the spirit... what is Finwife looking off camera at you ask?
She's looking at my nominees for "Cutest couple of the new year"... Mrs and Mr Ringo! They were just adorable last night.
So we got together in the parking lot of the complex to watch the fireworks... being surrounded by rich folk has it's benefits, because at midnight, the entire skyline around us exploded with color as they all tried to outdo each other. It was pretty spectacular. After midnight, Silverfox gathered everyone together to toast the new year and give thanks for the past one. I admit, I blushed a bit when Silverfox said that she was thankful for finding a man that taught her the "true meaning of being rich beyond words." Pretty sure she meant me, I joked around a bit and for my toast, said "Back at ya toots. To a loving home and the company of friends." It continued around the room, and I realized that 2007 was an incredible year for so many that touch my life. It was a heartwarming moment, and a great start to the new year. We entertained our guests till about 2:30, playing board games and such.

Silverfox and I then cuddled together on the couch, chatting a bit about our hopes and goals for the new year, when we heard someone going door to door pounding on all the doors in the condo complex. Before he got to our door I stuck my head out, and was told that our building was on fire. Apparently, embers from the local fireworks alighted upon the roof of the building, and had been smoldering there since midnight. From the other side of the pool, Silverfox and I watched as our New Years hopes we had been talking about just moments before were in danger of going up in smoke, quite literally.

Three fire engines full of Kenner's bravest responded to the scene, and got the fire under control fairly quickly (quickly being about twenty of the longest minutes I have ever spent)
For a while there, it looked like we would have to find somewhere else to stay for a few days, as the fire damaged the building's electrical system... but the fire marshal inspected the wiring, and said that we were clear to go back in. Some of our neighbors weren't so lucky, as the fire damaged three of the units in the building.

Our adrenaline pumping in overtime, Silverfox and I chatted some more before falling asleep, and I told her that when it comes down to it, all of the stuff that was in danger were really just things... that the most important thing in my life was standing next to me by the pool that night.

Uncharacteristically mushy, I know... But she was right. We are truly rich in ways beyond monetary or property value. It will be a great year... no matter what life throws at us.

In other news, Pint size learned to climb all the way up the stairs in the condo. (Nearly gave Silverfox a heart attack) till he slowly and carefully started climbing back down again. We're so proud.

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Melinda Barton said...

Oy! I'm getting cavities over here! haha You two are too sweet for words.