Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Friends and family...

For those of you concerned that I have not contacted personally... Me, Silverfox, and the boys evacuated on friday before Gustav hit the gulf coast south of New Orleans. Once again thanks to Drew and Stacey, me and mine were sheltered from the storm in beautiful Brandon, MS. 

As far as going home goes, it's a little more complicated... Power and essential services are out across the area, but we have heard our Condo is fine, apparently minus one fireplace cap. We're not sure when we will be returning, as the Boys are a handful even with working power and toilets.

Not gonna lie to you, folks... this one was scary. More so now that I have a full on family to worry about. Silverfox and I have had a few discussions at this point about possibly moving out of the gulf south. 

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