Monday, September 15, 2008

V-v-v-ote P-p-p-alin.

I laughed for five minutes at this "Get Fuzzy" cartoon:

The reason, (I am ashamed to admit) is that the first Palin I thought of when I heard about McCain's pick for running mate was Michael Palin as well. (Moreso because I actually knew of the Alaskan Governor before the big announcement) It just disappoints me that no one has made any "A Fish Called Wanda" jokes, choosing instead to go with the more obvious Monty Python gags.

Still, "NOBODY expects the Alskan Politician!" is pure comic genius.


Stacey said...

Too bad national syndications can't do an "Every Sperm is Sacred" joke.

RingoWolf said...

To Stacey:

How many times I gotta tell you? Step off Homes! The RC's gonna bless you!