Friday, October 24, 2008

The ecomomic crisis comes home...

For those of you that haven't heard, Today I lost my job at Joval, and move into the ranks of the unemployed. The worst part of it is that it came as a bit of a shock... I hadn't done anything wrong, per se... it was just that times are rough, and the company decided that they needed to scale their office staff back. It was all fairly amicable... although it seemed to me like they were just waiting for me to screw up the computer system or do something equally vindictive while I was cleaning out my desk. I even offered to do some graphic design work for them as an outside contractor once I've had a chance to cool off.

I may still be in shock or something, but I'm not really all that upset about this.

I drove home the long way so I would have a little time to myself, and I got to thinking... this whole thing might turn out to be a really good thing... I mean, I liked my job... but there were days I dreaded going to it. It probably wasn't the best fit for me, especially now that my priorities have changed since meeting and then marrying Silverfox.

Fact is that we had been worried ablut the child care situation with Silverfoxes impending back surgery, and that's not a problem if I'm not having to go to work every day... Unemployment doesn't pay that much less than I had been making, so financially, we're in pretty good shape right now. I'm on Silverfoxes insurance plan, and I have free time while the kids are in school to work on getting some of my writing sold.

The truth of it is, I had already been having issues with our lifestyle, and this gives us a chance to come up with a whole new paradigm... one that will allow either me or Silverfox to devote more time to the kids.

I'm still a little worried... but I really think that this is going to turn out to be a blessing in disguise.


Canardius said...

I hope Joval is willing to give you unemployment... most companies have to put up a portion of the money the employee gets for that.
Know that I am always ready to assit in any way if needed. Not that I will be needed for two as even-keeled,self-sufficient jedi as you both, but that's not the point.

But I know the force is strong with you, and this will be no catastrophe. Indeed, it shall be a new paradigm [and just where did you learn that word??].

Melinda Barton said...

One door closes. Another opens. You two will do just fine. Hell, better than fine. This may be just the chance you need to do what you REALLY want. Good luck.

Oh, by the way, the word verification on this comment is butocks. I'm so serious.

Michelle said...

So sorry you lost your job! It's great that you have a positive attitude about it. I simply had to change positions within the company early in the year and you'd think a family member had died with the way I moping around.

A friend of mine was laid off a few months ago and she was ecstatic! She wanted to kiss her boss! Like you, she was very concerned about her child care situation and she dreaded going to work each day. She had been debating whether to quit or not, and being laid off took the decision away from her. She said it was like a weight was lifted off her shoulders! She hasn't looked back since. So, yes, it can be an excellent change of pace and may be just what you need. Good luck!