Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Overheard at the DMV...

Today, I had to go to the DMV to transfer the address of the Buick to our Kenner home. I had kept putting it off, but with Silverfoxes impending return to work looming, I realized I needed to get off my duff and return us to two-car family status. For some reason, I apparently picked the day that all of the high schoolers that just started their Driver's Ed course picked to get their learners permits. In Louisiana, the driving age starts at sixteen.

(I'm sorry, but having pubes should be a requirement to operate an automobile.)

Anyway, as I sat in the waiting room, I was privy to the following heartfelt exchange:

Dingy blond teenage girl: "I think I got one wrong. How far do you have to park from a railroad crossing?"

Her equally dingy friend checks the driver's manual: "fifty feet."

DBTG:"Fifty feet? How do they expect you to judge that?"

EDF:"I don't know."

DBTG:"Isn't that like, the length of a football field?"

EDF:"Like, I think that's fifty yards, not feet."

DBTG: "So, how far is it?"

EDF: "Well, there's three feet in a yard..."

DBTG: "So, three football fields? That's really far!"

EDF: "Yah... no one pays attention to that. People always park closer to the railroad than that."

DBTG: "What a stupid question."

All I could think of as I snickered and relayed the conversation to Silverfox via text message is that the Metro area schools have failed these girls, and our society is about to put both of them behind the wheel.

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