Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wading in the stream of conciousness

I neglect this blog. There, I said it.

Every year or so, I sit down and try to revitalize it, making lots of promises of new content, only to wind up focusing my efforts elsewhere... well, Here I am once again making such promises. But, to be fair, at least one of those other efforts has paid off, as I now have an actual book that i've written and published. It took me about a year to write it, and clean it up to the point where I'm happy with it, but now it's good to go.

For more details on the book, go to www.bigkahunah.com. I hope to have a far more extensive website for it up soon, when my schedule permits a few days for website development.

So, what does this mean for my blog? It means I need to get cracking on it again. I know that it's lost its relevance in the Facebook age, where my cute kid and slice of life escapades can be boiled down to easy 430 character blips in the consciousness of the internet. For a blog like this to garner serious readership, it needs to be relevant, updated a few times a week, and provide interesting content.

And I really am a stickler about having ORIGINAL, interesting content.... I don't just want to be one of those bloggers that just regurgitates what he finds while web surfing. I have been thinking for a while that this blog needs a change of focus, but have been steadily arguing with myself about what that focus should be. I had been kind of using it as my personal journal, but as my life moved more and more onto facebook, I find that function to be less and less useful. Basically, if I want to bitch about something, I now do it on facebook instead of on here.

Therefore, I need to be able to write on here about stuff that I'm kinda good at... Writing, Storytelling, and occasionally parenting. I'll start writing from this point on about whatever project I'm working on, just to have it down somewhere, and whatever problems or doubts I'm having with it. I will endeavor to do this in a funny helpful way as well, hopefully a few times a week. Hopefully, someone out there in the blogosphere will hear the shout of the insect among all the ants at the picnic.

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