Tuesday, March 06, 2012


I was going to take some time out to write about how forgetful i've been lately, but I forgot to research the topic. Ow. I think I just hurt my brain.
I often wonder what it is about getting older that seems to destroy our capacity to keep thoughts on our mind's "to do" list for longer than a few hours. I also marvel at the paradox that if I take the time to write something down, I invariably find that I didn't need to.
Case in point: Each day, as I wake up, I have gotten in the habit of making a "To do" list of my day's errands. I do this because once I wake the boys, it becomes difficult to concentrate on anything not involving kids, dogs, school, cartoons, bathtime, diapers, medicines, schoolbags, breakfast, or some horrible combination of all of the above. Yesterday, I had the foresight to remind myself that I needed to go to the Hardware store. I spent all day thinking that I need to get to the hardware store, but never did because the bulk of my day was spent chauffering my mother in law around. Today, the first thing I said to myself was "I must get to the hardware store", and so I did.
Only to have absolutely no recolection of WHY it was so important for me to go there.
Early onset alzheimers, perhaps? One too many contact highs from hanging out with stoners? Or just running into the fact that my eight pounds of grey matter is becoming more limited in its capacity?

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Stephanie Shepherd said...

While I am not pleased to hear you are having "brain lapses" these days, it does give me great comfort to know that I am not alone in my own issues with this. My morning today started out like this - I stop at the local Sonic (which I frequent for drinks FAR too often now that morning happy hour exists, but I digress) and I realize that I don't have anything for breakfast at work so i opt to indulge myself in a breakfast sandwhich to go along with my discounted Route 44. I place my order, wait for my turn and pull up to the window, great the young lady working, give her my card, take my drink and straw, she runs my card and i get my receipt and I proceed to take off. Only to realize half-way to work (about 7 mins down the freeway) I realize that I paid for a breakfast sandwhich and didn't wait long enough to get it!! I'm at the point when realizing my mistake that there is no place to turn around that would not involve making me even more late than i already am and so I resolve to call them when I get there and fess up that I was the ding-bat that drove off w/out her food. And this was all before 8:15 on a Tuesday. And yes, my day just went further downhill from there. So see, you are not alone and you have FAR more going on than I do, so that should also make you feel better! :)