Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just a few quick tidbits...

Tidbit 1- I was very glad to hear that the Tsunami approaching New Zealand was a false alarm. Dreamwalker would have been the recipient of a panicy phone call at 3 am her time had I her phone number.

Tidbit 2- I got the job I interviewed for on Friday. My last day at "carmart" is the 15th. (eat less and exersise more... GRRRRR!) I start the new job on the 22nd, so I actually have off that weekend which I intend on spending at Mobicon. Anyone got any really good annoying questions I can pester Billy West with?

Tidbit 3- The new Superman Returns trailer is up on the net. Looks like a fairly good story, with one of my favorite Superman stunts (Catching a crashing airliner) finally brought to the silver screen. I am sooooo there. Wild Phantom Zone escapees couldn't keep me from being there opening night.


Melinda Barton said...

Ya see! Even Mother Nature knows that New Zealand and all her residents are belong to me! I am Queen of the Kiwis. Yeahhhhhh!
Okay, I think stuff is way too funny today. I guess my sense of humor is coming back with a vengeance.

dreamwalker said...

That tsunami thingy was a tad hairy...I doing my usual insomniac TV trawl, so I got the news when they were saying, "One hour until it hits New Zealand..." !!

CONGRATULATIONS...I am relieved to hear that you are leaving that sorry excuse of a business.

I have cast a Kiwi curse on Carmart :)

Mobicon sounds please.