Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Great... thanks to neumerology...

China is all jumping on our bandwason, but not without consequences.

I already knew that the opening day of the Bejing olympics was scheduled for my and Silverfoxes wedding day, but this is going a little too far...

So, I'm reading the news today and I come across this article about how the Chinese are all tripping over themselves to get married on 8-8-08. Apparently, due to a quirk of their language, the date sounds like "money, money, money!"

But then it gets worse... the article goes on to say:

But, as China has learnt to its cost in a turbulent 2008, not all is positive energy in the Year of the Rat, which also symbolises the turbulent relationship between earth and water.

China was hit by crippling blizzards at the start of the year, rioting erupted in Tibet which prompted worldwide protests surrounding the Olympic torch relay and then the Sichuan earthquake struck.

Those grim milestones for China had an intriguing symmetry.

The snowstorms struck on 25/01. 2+5+1=8.

The Tibet riots erupted on 14/03. 1+4+3=8.

The earthquake struck on 12/05. 1+2+5=8. That was also 88 days before the start of the Olympics.

"The number eight can be negative as well," Lo warned -- and the worst may not be over.

Oh, but it gets much worse... My divorce from the ex was supposed to be final on 9-15-05...

9-1+5-05= 8!

that's creepy... but still worse...

The ex's birthday was 11-03..


and even creepier:

My birthday: 2-5-70
Silverfoxes birthday: 1-5-71


+ 1+5+7+1
3+10-14+1= 8!

You see, this is why numerology sucks... you can make numbers say whatever you want them to by being a little clever. It reminds me of an old Abbott and Costello sketch:

The fact of the matter is that 8/8/08 will contain the happiest moment of my life, No matter what the numbers say.

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Stacey said...

I don't care what anyone says, this shit was funny.


The fact of the matter is that 8/8/08 will contain the happiest moment of my life