Monday, August 04, 2008

Really neat toy... Nearly latte, yo...

I found a link to an anagram generator, ( Internet Anagram Server = Isn't rearrangement rave?) and spent at least an hour typing things in...

Among the more interesting ones for "Robert Cerio":

"Orbiter Core", "Erotic Borer", and "Rob tore rice"

Among the more interesting ones for "Dogs of Atlantis":

"Fatalist Godson", "a tasting floods", "looting ads fast", "Fatal dingo toss" and "Analog dot fists"

UPDATE: Ooooo... If I type in "Rob and Cheri" it comes up ""Brand Heroic" and "Carbide Horn" I wonder if Silverfox would go for those as baby names when the time comes?

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Melinda Barton said...

Rob, did you really have to tear the rice? Damn you!

Okay, I tried it too and posted the very funny results. This is fun.