Friday, January 27, 2006

A Dose of devestation....

It's been months since the storm. New Orelans is becoming a three ring circus of errors as rebuilding efforts meet a wall of bipartisan politics. The conversation goes something like this:

Federal Government: Just get your act together, New Orleans, come up with a plan, and we'll help foot the bill.

New Orleans: Okay, but what about our citizens stuck in other cities?

F.G.: Well, we'll put them up in a nice hotel till we can send some trailers from our cousin FEMA. Don't worry, we're on top of it!

(Months pass)

New Orleans: Hey, we got da plan, Now where's that money?

F.G.: Money? what money?

New Orleans: And what about those trailers?

F.G.: yeah, sorry about that.. Cousin FEMA dropped teh ball on that one... we had no idea you had that many people, son.

New Orleans: Well, at least you're still putting us up in a nice hotel.

F.G.: yeah... about that... no one told us that you would all still need housing for this long, so they're out.

New Orleans: Huh?

F.G.: Well, I hear your neighbor has called Willy Wonka in to help... maybe he has some space at his place. He has to keep dem oompa-loompas somewhere.

You get the idea. As if it wasn't enough, things like this piss me off to no end. Also, my new neighbors braved the storm, and were about town with a camera soon after. They lent me a CD with the photos on it... only a few days after travel was permitted in Orleans Parish... among the highlights:

Boats wound up in unlikely places.

The ferry I used to take to work was no exception.

The old coast guard lighthouse on the lakefront.

What's left of the southern yacht club.

And the remains of Joe's Crab Shack.

Mind you, there were a bunch of other shots detailing the damage to the city, but too many for me to post easily. If everyone wants to see em, i'll start a flicker account or something.

Later, y'all.


Charles_Thomson said...

Wow! I really miss that place (Joe's Crab Stack). What was the name of other place around there that we used to go sometimes?


Melinda Barton said...

Well, we can turn the old coast guard lighthouse into some sort of "leaning tower" tourist attraction. As for Joe's crab shack, Damn! That place has some kicking food, even though I don't eat crabs and other crustaceans.

Drew said...

Aren't all the restaurants at West End gone too? Jaeger's, Brunnings, Fitzgerald's (or whatever they were building at the site where Fitzgerald's used to be)...

Anonymous said...

The other place to which you refer is Russel's Marina Grille. I think they reopened in a limited go of it