Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Dyno-meme...

From my good buddy Dave who finally up and got his own blog. it's bloggariffic, I tell ya.

What makes us human

My good quirks
My laugh.
The ability to make light of almost any subject.
The love of road tripping, and the open road in general.
The ability to make a fool of myself in the car when a good song is on the radio.
The qualities that make me a true Superman fan also make me a fairly good christian.
Always up for trying something new, especially if it sounds fun.

My bad quirks (added to this meme by yours truly)
If I can do something, I don't consider it art, or even all that special.
I snore.
Zero tolerance for those unwilling to learn.
Not real charming around new people

My food quirks
Lucky charms mixed with Fruity Pebbles
Hold the goddamn pickles!
Deep fried snickers!
Pumpkin butter and bannana sandwiches

My sleep quirks
Sleep mask
Ear plugs
Talk in my sleep
the "jump" thing right as I doze off.

Quirky folk I tag: (also added by yours truly)

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Stacey said...

I do the jump thing sometimes too. Weird, huh?