Sunday, February 05, 2006

Robbie Gras 2006- the annual state of the Rob address

Warning: The DOA management feels obligated to point out to our regular readers that Rob isn't feeling quite himself today, and that the following post has a much darker tone than we normally encourage here on Dogs of Atlantis. We sent away for an electroschock machine last week, but the post office isn't delivering our mail properly yet since hurricane Katrina, and our experiment to simulate the effect with the car battery and jumper cables merely resulted in explosive diarreah. We tried, folks.

My fellow Americans, and assorted worldwide denizens.... I sit here in my meager apartment at 11:49 on my birthday unsure what to write in this post. 36 years and twelve hours ago (give or take a half hour or so) I began the first of the 36 trips I have taken so far around the sun. That's a score and 16 for all you Lincoln afficianados.

I went back to my post from this time last year, hoping for some inspiration, and read a cautiously optimistic post written by a guy who, coming off a divorce, was cautiously optimistic about his life in general.

What a difference a year makes, my friends.

It's not that i'm not still optimistic, you see... it's more that there's only so many catyclismic, life altering kinda things that can happen to you before you start to think that maybe the problem isn't so much with the world, but in the decisions you make in response to what the world throws at you.

Maybe I'm just getting old.... Maybe it was the fact that many of my friends are scattered to the winds... maybe it's just the attitude here in my hometown since Katrina... but I'm thinking I need a change. A real one. An extreme one.

Further updates as events warrant.


Dyno-Man said...

Come up to Hammond, sir. You'd only be an hour out of New Orleans, and 2 hours from the Spiehlers. We could like, do stuff.

Dyno-Man said...

By the way, Happy Birthday!

Melinda Barton said...

Need an extreme change? Go blonde! At the very least, it would be damned funny!
Please know that your presence would be more than welcome here in the shadow of the nation's capital. I'd especially recommend a visit. I'd even let you have the bed and sleep on the couch. Also, what better way to deal with the injustice of facing multiple catastrophes than a little head to head with the woman whose made a habit of them. Seriously, if there's anything I can do to help you deal, let me know.

'Becca said...

I am having an eerily similar existential crisis recently.

You are welcome up here whenever you want, but since this is where you originally came from, and you were just up here last fall, I understand you probably want to go somewhere new.

I am planning on starting some traveling this year. Europe or Asia, not sure which, but probably the least expensive place possible to start off with. That would probably be Siberia. :)

Let me know if you need someone to talk to.