Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New Orleans update.... Hurricane plans and lack thereof.

Well, here we are looking at month twelve removed from hurricane Katrina. Here in the big easy, the news is getting better… traffic signals are functioning, businesses thought shuttered forever are opening their doors, people are moving into their homes after months in the FEMA trailers… but the good news keeps being punctuated by the horrid, like the fact that they’re still finding bodies in New Orleans East almost a year later. The mood is weird, but each day you realize that despite setbacks of stupidity and greed, New Orleanians are a robust bunch. This city will endure.

Unless of course… the city gets wiped from the face of the earth with the arrival of the next hurricane. Speaking of which, hurricane Chris churns somewhere east of the Caribbean, the first storm of the season with the potential to break into the Gulf of Mexico and wreak all sorts of havoc. Even though it’s barely a Cat 1 at this point, everyone here has an eye on it. Half the guys at the factory brought in weather band radios to keep updated, and it’s still at least a week out.

The good news is my cupboard is full of canned soup and veggies. The bad news is that I think I’m still too close to that cold I had to be welcome at my “evacuation point” at Casa Spiehler. The fact that Ace is coming home is still wonderful news, but Mama Stacey is gonna insist I wear a space suit until three at least doctors certify me germ-free.

It may be easier to just drive to New York should the hurricane head my way. If it wasn’t for the gas prices, I probably would make that my plan. Damn hurricanes. Damn Gas prices. Damn instinct for self-preservation. Shoulda moved to outer Mongolia when I had the chance.

Further updates as events warrant.


Brou HahHah said...

Yeah. Damn Hurricanes. Chris is still a Tropical storm, and will probably not hit La. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. I got a nose for these things.

Stacey said...

It's been like a week and a half since you had the cold. You're fine. You will NOT ride out a hurricane as long as I have a perfectly acceptable place for you to stay.

Just don't touch him. :D

Melinda Barton said...

If, by any chance, you've have cooties when the next evacuation happens, it is much cheaper to come to my place by plane, train, or bus than to pay for the gas round trip. Fear not, we have great public trans and there are 3 buses stopping right out front. Plus, we have hot interns.

Becca said...

You are always welcome here. I am never, never, ever home (case in point, see my ghetto blog or calendar) and you can have the spare key and the run of the place. Private bedroom upstairs, Queen bed - I think I slept in it 6 times in a year.

Bring those NOLA germs up here. I'm bored with NYC germs.


Drew said...

You could always start building my shed... er... guest house in the back yard.

cncz said...

I do not know if Stacey told you but I had a dream you were living at Casa Spiehler and when I came to visit to see Ace, I kept trying to go into "Rob's room" and for some reason I thought you were Ace and I was waking you up and Drew told me in a talking-to-mental-patients voice, "That is Rob. Ace is in the other room."

I don't know what that means, people in Switzerland you only met like three times dreaming that you were an infant and had your own room at Casa Spiehler, but I decided it was not too scary to share. Hope I am not wrong.

Rob the Webkahunah said...

you were wrong.... now i'm terrified. :)