Monday, August 28, 2006

So, Rob... where are the cartoons?

Good question. The answer is that my cartoon-writing talents have been focused lately on helping Dave produce new, slightly brilliant and irreverant Dynoman comics. This weekend in fact, I went to Hammond and Dave and I spent the entire day writing at least fifteen episodes of Dynoman... and only stopped when the concept of Skeletor sitting on King Kong's lap yelling, "Quick! Take a picture" had me laughing too hard to write anything down. I promise the next few weeks of the strip will get exponentially funnier, particularly for anyone who was a "Masters of the Universe" fan.

At level ten on the weird-ometer today, I processed an order for sheet metal piping to be shipped to "Angola Prison Death Row". It raised the question of course, what the hell do they need the stuff for? I'd hate to think that I was party to a refit of the gas chamber...

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dreamwalker said...

I will definitely pop over to Dynoman's to view the latest cartoons.

The only Angola I knew was a country in Africa. Having done a bit of googling I now know better - Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola. (The prefered method of execution is lethal injection apparently, so don't worry about gas chamber refit.)