Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yes, I said car accident....

But it was really a truck-car-truck accident. I was driving Ducky's pickup, we were stopped at a light, and got rear-ended. The woman that hit us (in a toyota corolla) had been hit from behind by a truck, forcing her car intop the back of the pickup I was driving. Totalled her car, but the Duckmobile had only minor scratching of the chrome.

Problem is that the woman behind the wheel of the other pickup truck had no licence, no insurance, and gave a false name to the police (who were sitting next to us at the light). The woman whose car was totaled is now screwed. The rear end was caved in to the back seat, and the headlights were pushed up into her radiator from being slammed into us. With two payments to go.

I feel badly for her, but all I could think to myself was "Thank god we weren't in my Buick."


Canardius said...

The Progressive agent for the car betwixt us called me and told me the name of the woman who caused it all was not a false name after all... she was who she said she was, and she did at one time have a policy with Progressive.

Did. At one time. Prior to now.

So I told the guy all of this, and I told my own insurance carrier about this. The agents are still doing their investigative work, and I don't know if the woman cited for lack of a licence and valid insurance went off in custody. The agent told me the cell phone number the other truck's driver gave out was no good. A 208 area code number for a P O Box in Chalmette. A lot of things don't add up with her.

Andrew said...

Hopefully she had uninsured motorist insurance. Don't leave home without it.

Melinda Barton said...

hmmmmmmm... Car accident v. eating meat that expired two years ago. I win. nyah nyah nyah