Monday, July 30, 2007

About the prime directive...

The Prime Directive, as stated by the branch of Starfleet with it's meathooks sunk into the DOA management reads as follows:

Directive 001- No post shall be made to Dogs of Atlantis that would interfere with the natural development of the authors relationship with a female. This includes, but is not limited to revealing feelings, emotions, and/or funny/flattering situations which may or may not make said female's heart melt like a ice sculpture at a Hawaiian lava festival, no matter how funny/flattering said anecdotes may or may not be.

Directive 001.1- Remember, my Mom reads my blog.

Directive 001.2- (the James T. Kirk clause) These laws are binding unless said female is an exceptionally hot Orion slave girl or a genuine Superheroine, in which case it would be impossible to get the blog's author to shut up about it.

The Prime Directive is perhaps the biggest and most necessary limitation I put upon what goes on these pages. As such, it also turns out to be one of the more questionable ones, as evidenced by this post, titled "Prime Directive my ass!" which includes one of the best verbal descriptions of me I have ever read (and may have put on my next business cards). It's the part with all the slashes in it. :) I am linking to it so that I will not be accused of not providing my readers with a fair and balanced point of view. Think of it as the 'democratic response'.

In short, kids... your beloved Webkahunah once again has a love life that he won't talk about, but is enjoying immensely.

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