Wednesday, July 18, 2007

fun with quantum physics...

I have a bet on this one, that at least 10 of my friends will get this joke... If you get it, please leave me a comment saying so. I laughed pretty hard at it.

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Andrew said...

Got it! And first!

RingoWolf said...

I feel that I, once upon a time, did get this joke. However, that moment has past.

Michelle said...

My favorite Schroedinger's cat reference is here:
You gotta read it!

Another great reference is the season 3 opening episode of "Six Feet Under". While Nate is having brain surgery, he views different versions of himself and his family -- does he live or die, suffer brain damage or not, marry one girl or the other, live here or elsewhere, etc Finally, he faces his casket and opens it to find out which one "sticks". I wasn't familiar with the Schroedinger's cat theory at the time, so I didn't have a clue what was going on. Of all places, gave me a primer on quantum physics. You gotta love dialogue like this (taken from the episode, it's supposed to be a fake TV soap opera playing in the background):

Woman: That was Dr. Schrödinger. Kitty didn't make it.

Man: The universe has split in two.

Woman: Two? Try two billion! What's going to happen to us?

Man: There, there, ...we always end-up in a universe in which we exist... Remember Copenhagen?

Woman: Ah yes, the eigenvalues were in bloom.

Man: Just keep telling yourself that everything that can happen does somewhere.

Canardius said...

I only read this today, but I am glad I still recall Quantum mechanics. But please don't ask me to derive Schrodinger's equations for you.

Melinda Barton said...

Dangit! I can't see it on my work computer and I keep forgetting to get it at home. I forsee the potentially of my getting it but we'll have to see what the actuality becomes after the collapse of the wave function.

Lauren said...

I get it... but how many of your friends get all the jokes over at

Melinda Barton said...

okay, I get it.