Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sandifest (tm) 2007

This year for Dizzy's birthday, I've put together something special... Heck, it beats buying a gift :) the official press release follows:

Attention, attention, and hear ye hear ye!

Sandifest(tm) 2007 will be on July 14, 2007, at whereupon we shall begin the celebration of the latest anniversary of Sandi's (Dizzy, to regular readers of this blog) 29th trip around the sun.

The staging area for the traditional Sandifest(tm) Scavenger Hunt will be in the parking lot of the Rendezvous cafe, 3001 General Degaulle in algiers at 6:30pm.

Teams participating in the hunt will be competing for a lovely trophy, or perhaps a few loving cups if we can find them cheap on ebay.

Teams should bring:
A swimsuit
A digital camera or cameraphone
A flashlight
A car
A map
A sense of humor
A change of underwear
A friend :)

I would also recommend that the teams carpool to the starting point.

The location of the actual party will not be at the Rendezvous, but will be part of the hunt. It will also be revealed to all teams unable to find the location if the party before 8pm at 8pm. Teams should be aware though, that finding the party will be the highest point value
on the scavenger hunt. If you are not planning on participating in the hunt, please register with Sandifest (tm)'s official promoter and sponsor (Rob "the Webkahunah" Cerio) and he will let you in on this closely guarded secret.

Teams may be any size. Remember that the point is to have fun! All who read these words are welcome to attend. This includes any readers of my blog that may be so inclined. I'll be the fat guy in the loud Hawaiian Shirt.

Please feel free to ask questions :)


Stacey said...

I'll be the fat guy in the loud Hawaiian Shirt.

Funny how those adjectives are interchangeable.

Happy birthday Sandi!

Andy said...

Looks like "Team Herschel" won't be able to get the band back together for this one. Hopefully you will document the entire night for those of us that can't make it Rob!