Monday, August 27, 2007

Pub crawl re-tread...

You know, as I stumbled haphazardly from "The Bar" to "The Boom-Boom Bar" During the Area 504 Fat city Pub Crawl, the idea that I could do a live photo blog from my cell phone popped into my head. I mean, I had already promised to provide New Girlfriend with regular updates about the debauchery, so it seemed like a brilliant idea to just copy my blog about it.

Of course, the problem is that camera phones take extremely dark pictures, and my usually elegant prose and metaphors apparently break down when I'm tipsy like a Canoe full of drunk boy scouts. Maybe Live blogging just isn't for me... maybe it's just not for me when I'm any event, here are the photoshoped-to-be-brighter pictures and better descriptions:After dinner at Crazy Johnnies and A drink or two at "The Bar" we wound up at the Boom-Boom... Here's Amy delighting in my misery as she tells Sandi, Rebecca and Raymond about me and the Assless Chaps. (Long story... I do not own any, nor do I ever intend to... but Amy thinks the concept of me in a pair is hysterical)
Next on the list was Pat's Pub, a bar of note primarily for it's blaring Heavy metal music and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer on tap for $1.50 a mug. (and worth every penny) here, we see my empty mug. The bartender was kind enough to hold a flashlight over it for the right lighting :)Sandi, A.J. and Amy playing pool at our next stop, the Whisky bar. I love the lighting in this shot... but it came out blurry because by the time I took it I was on my 6th or 7th beer...Raymond insisted that we couldn't leave the Whisky Bar without one of us getting up to do Karaoke (which I have been informed by those wiser than I means 'bad singing' in Japanese) I got up and did my best rendition of "I'm just a Gigolo". Amy said I started out like Louis Prima, but ended up all Diamond Dave. The photo of me representing in my Area 504 bowling shirt was taken for me by the very pregnant Charlotte, who was out drinking all the soft drinks she could in honor of Baby's first pub crawl... Watching her get on and off bar stools was extremely entertaining as the evening progressed. Before we left, the Bartender/owner and the DJ said that we were welcome back any time.Raymond and Rebecca at Sweets 'again' (our next stop) in the VIP area. I believe when I snapped this, she was saying "We should have a meeting here!" We were invited back by this bartender as well, for their weekly Monday night football party once the season starts.From there, we went to Cheers, (where they still don't know my name) and I took a few drunken moments to delete some pictures from my phone... I then willingly and knowingly broke this blog's Prime Directive, and posted this picture of Me and New Girlfriend. This violation was primarily because she wasn't in attendance, and I missed her. I believe I got kinda mushy about it too... Don't like it? Tough. I'm in love.I then took this picture (my favorite of the night) of the remaining group of Area 504 members gathered around a table at Cheers. I think it speaks for itself. Shortly after it was taken, we took a vote and wound up back at the Whisky Bar. I had wanted to sing another song, but as I began to sober up for the inevitable drive home, I decided against it. Some of the folks that had shown up were obviously Karaoke ringers, and were way better than I would be. Overall, It was a fun night of camaraderie and laughter, although Our beloved 504 Captain did express her disappointment that she wasn't three sheets to the wind by the time 2am rolled around... Raymond and I simply smiled and complimented her on her pacing. As I headed off for home, Rebecca, Raymond and the drunken Fin stumbled off to Uncle Larry's in hopes of yet more fun and adventure.

Me, I'm content to wait till the next pub crawl.


Randy Richards said...

Very nice, thanks!

Canardius said...

A Fin is something on the back of a shark. A drunken native of Finland [or Suomi, if you prefer] is a Finn. Unless he's a Dane.

And do I recognize that picture that broke the Prime Directive as taken at my sister's birthday party?