Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The ultimate collection...

Over on the TV squad blog, there was an interesting post about Television Props... As a memorabilia collector, what are the the top ten items from TV you would like to have in your personal collection? The original author had a few clever ones, like the ottoman that Dick Van Dyke trips over at the beginning of the Dick Van Dyke Show, The ring Tom Magnum wears, and Tom Servo. It got me thinking about my own list though, and I thought I'd share it here. Keep in mind, we're talking the real prop, not a replica...

The Photo of Mel Torme from Harry's Office on Night Court. Or the armadillo he keeps on the shelf.

Murphy Brown's dart board. Each week she had someone else's face on it... I would just put Dan Quale.

Archie Bunker's Chair. with permission of the Smithsonian, of course...

Norm's Bar Stool from Cheers. If only to see how well my butt print compares to George Wendt.

K.I.T.T.'s steering column. I would say the whole car, but that would attract way too much attention.

The Nomad space probe from Star Trek. I know... of all the Trek stuff I could wish for, why that? because it would look great next to:

A Dalek from Doctor Who. And then they could fight... I can hear it now...
Dalek: "You are inferior!"
Nomad: "You are imperfect!"
Nomad: "STERILIZE!!!"

and so on... It would be like a fanboy tastes great/less filling commercial without all the fat, sweaty guys. I give 4-1 odds on Nomad. But I digress...back to the topic...

The palm trees and dinosaurs Wash keeps on the dashboard of Serenity. Cause they are just so freaking cool.

A bottle of Vitameatavegimin.
Still my favorite Lucy routine.

The Radio from Gilligan's Island. But I think the guy who played the professor grabbed that one.

The Bat-bulletproof shield. The one gadget I can remember Adam West pulling from the utility belt that made sense to me.

So, what's in your collection?

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