Thursday, June 26, 2008

Saturday is Short Stuff's 6th birthday... sort of...

Saturday we are celebrating Short Stuff's 6th birthday, even though his actual birthday was on the 16th. You see, Silverfox and one of her closest friends gave birth on the same day in the same hospital, and so they try each year to co-ordinate the parties so that they don't conflict. This year, Short Stuff got the short end of the stick by having to have his party two weeks after the fact.

Shorty is a huge Star Wars fan, and so we're having a Star Wars themed party, complete with appearances by Darth Vader (Short Stuff's fave) and a few Stormtroopers. It should be a lot of fun, rain or shine. Afterward, the adults are intending on going back to Casa Kahunah and hoisting a few while playing a few rounds of Redneck Life and Rock Band. It promises to be pretty awesome.

I've been looking online for some games for the kids to play and I think that I have a few activities that they'll appreciate, but Silverfox doesn't seem to want me to let the kids play "Pass the Thermal Detonator" for some reason. Maybe I should go buy a few Hand Grenades (the drink, not the bomb) and call them thermal detonators... that way even if the kids find the party boring as hell, we adults in attendance will still be entertained. I also thought about doing a Jedi training course where the kids would have to swat at bubbles with lightsabers.

So, any game suggestions?

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Brou HahHah said...

Games...let's see....

--Bean bag toss with the hole looking like the 2-meter wide exhaust port (easily done with some cardboard)

-- Tusken Raider Lawn Dart toss (if outside) Do your best battle cry!

-- AT-AT cable toss (sort of like ring toss, but with an "AT AT leg" (possible small post) and rings with string tied to them)

-- Make Stormtrooper (or Rebel) silhouettes out of paper bags and knock them down with a Nerf dart gun.

-- Knock a round pinata with a "lightsaber"

-- Play "steal the bacon" with paper cutout pieces of a Death Star. First team to construct the battle station wins.