Monday, June 30, 2008

Short Stuff's party... an exciting day for all concerned.

Well, Short Stuff's celebration of his sixth trip around the sun went off without a hitch. Silverfox and our gaming crew did an outstanding job on the requested Death Star cake:

The little grey things flying around it are Imperial Star destroyers, which Brouhaha was instant be to scale with the moste feared space station in galactic history... Although he was also quick to point out that the turbolaser should have been a mite bigger.And of course, that there should have been a small thermal exhaust port somewhere in the trench around the equator. (Right beneath the main port, of course) I also noticed some evidence of the paranormal in the second cake photo... in the lower right hand corner, there is a large, pink fleshy mass that I have no recolection of being there at the time. Then again, it could just be my thumb...

So anyway, we delivered the cake without incident. Short stuff dressed up as his Hero, Darth Vader, but embarrassingly for him, so did the REAL Dark Lord of the Sith, who arrived shortly thereafter with one of the TIE fighter pilots that escorted him to our little backwater of a world. Don't you just hate when you go to a party and someone else is wearing the same outfit?
Short stuff was struck speechless when Vader entered the room, but while most of the other kids there cowered behind their parents in fear of the dark side of the force, Short stuff walked right up to him, shook his hand and said "Hello, Darth Vader. Welcome to my party."

I was so proud. More photo ops were had, this one with Pint size, Silverfox and her neice, DaNiece, who is aparently far less afraid of men with the power to choke you with their mind as she is of clowns.
Even Pint Size warmed up to Vader after a while... in the picture below, he's whispering to his cousin "Don't worry. it's just a guy in a suit!"

Of course, he was speaking in baby jabber, so my translation could be a little off. Pint size was also groovin on the punch Silverfox made (Yoda Soda... Limeade, Lime sherbert mixed with "Mountain Dew or do not... there is no try"*) Little runt grabbed at least two cups of it from me and chugged them. He's gonna be one heck of a frat boy when he grows up.

Soon, Lord Vader had to leave, as he had some rebel scum to hunt down and kill, so we had cake. Short stuff was so excited that he forgot to remove his Vader mask before blowing out the candles.

Ah, that's my boy....
It was a pretty great day. After the guests all went home, Shorty decided he wanted to stay at Grandma's with his cousins... we were happy to oblige him, but got a call soon after we left that he had tripped onto a stool, and knocked three of his front teeth out:
On the bright side, they were all baby teeth, and will grow back... on the dark side, Silverfox is worried that a cherished childhood memory of meeting Darth Vader is now marred by having his smile altered.

I guess this is what Yoday meant by "Once you begin to walk the path of the Dark side, it will forever dominate your destiny.

*this joke was made possible through the wit of Stacey Sphieler, who is rapidly becoming a fangirl against her will.

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