Friday, July 04, 2008

Something to think about this Independance Day...

As I'm sure most people that read this blog that live in the state of Louisiana know, during the last session of the state legislature, they passed a law that would effectively give themselves a pay raise of over 100%. Our newly elected Governor, Bobby Jindal, had said previously that he would maintain a "hands off" attitude toward the legislature's internal workings, and as such would not Veto the pay raise, even though he was strongly opposed to it.

Public outcry was intense, and people that normally sit on their couches complaining "Well, that's politics as usual in Louisiana for ya" stood up as one and let their voices be heard for the first time in years. Much of this outcry was directed at Governor Jindal, who had run (as a certain Presidential hopeful is now running) on a platform of change. There was suddenly talk of recall elections, petitions going around that would essentially get the ball rolling on removing Jindal and the state legislators that had voted for the bill from office.

The legislators whined that their 40 thou a year was not enough for the part time job that was turning full time through Governor Jindal's efforts to get more done for the people. It was glossed over that with the perks of the job, their income hovers around 60 thou, in a state where many people working full time (myself included) make under 25 thou a year.

The Governor was in a tight spot. He knew that an outright Veto would make it next to impossible to get further reform legislation through the house, but he also knew that the people wanted him to stop these greedy idiots.

I am proud to say that the Governor finally did the right thing. His boss (the people) had spoken and told the legislators "enough!" the bill was vetoed on Monday morning. Democracy had prevailed over those that would exploit the system.

232 years ago, some sweaty old white guys in a Philadelphia courthouse worked together to create a system of government that would allow for the will of the people to be heard without having to resort to violence. This week, (in Louisiana at least) it was.

Many of us have issues with the direction the country is headed. Soaring gas prices caused by an unpopular war have many grumbling for radical change. Any idiot can take to the street with a rock in their hand and toss it at an unpopular leader, but it takes a much smarter person to accomplish change from within the system. Over the past two centuries, thousands of people have put their lives on the line to give you the opportunity to be that smart person, a freedom that we often take for granted.

Appreciate your freedom today. Oppose those that think that Government is there to further their own agendas. Make the founding fathers glad that the country they fought so hard to make happen has endured.

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Armed Citizen said...

came across your blog quite on accident. As far as your comments on Gov't are concerned I whole heartedly agree. Our Govt has mushroomed into a leviathin that is so far from what our founders imagined it will take another revolution to clean things up. I think the gas issue will be one of the sparks(such as your pay increase bill was there) that will wake up the american people to become a bigger part of the body politic. Just one dissagreement though. Gas prices are not high because of the war, unpopular or not. Without any partison feelings, govt intervention in our markets as well as unfairly restricting the basic laws of supply and demand have brought the problem to where it is today. There are many fixes, but alternative energy is not the short term solution. Until an alternative energy is on the market, and the market WILL demand it, we need to help the supply/demand equation by providing more oil. More oil available = lower prices.

Sorry to go on, overall I love your reference to the sweaty white guys and hope you continue "educating" those around you. Through the people a change will come. But the change needs to be back towards our founders ideals not towards an socialist america.