Sunday, March 19, 2006

A little belated....but happy St. Patty's day!

One of my favorite teachers in college was a professor named Ed Tunstull. He was My journalism teacher, and one of the most knowledgable men about the medium of writing I have ever met. He had been the Editor-in-chief of the Times Picyune for many years, and a reporter almost his entire life.

By chance, he was also Irish.

Every St. Patty's day, Ed would come to class in a specially made white tux, dressed like a leprachaun, complete with the pointy shoes. His talent for having fun is something that I hope I share with him, and I will never forget.


Georgi Rimsakov said...

Your teacher sounds like a wild and crazy guy! Over in Europe, Ireland always seem to win the Eurovision Song Contest. Not sure of the relevance of this in relation to anything, but it is 7.40 am for me at the moment and its the best I can do at this time of the day.

Melinda Barton said...

Rob, put down the crack pipe! That's right. Step away from the crack pipe! haha This stuff just keeps getting funnier

dreamwalker said...

Heh Heh...Love the cartoons. I'm glad they're back :D

javafoofoo said...

I second dreamwalker...gawd, it so great to see them back. And on a regular basis, to boot! Sch-weet!