Monday, March 13, 2006

Okay, so "meme monday" has a much better ring to it.

Your Blogging Type is Pensive and Philosophical

You blog like no one else is reading...
You tend to use your blog to explore ideas - often in long winded prose.
Easy going and flexible, you tend to befriend other bloggers easily.
But if they disagree with once too much, you'll pull them from your blogroll!

Well, this weekend, Dizzy and I went to go see a movie... "Ultraviolet". Now, I am normally a big fan of the HWCKA genre, (Hot White Chicks Kicking Ass) but this was quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. The plot was thin, implausible, and only really let you know what was going on halfway through the movie. I hadn't felt this ripped off since "the Hulk" stole my seven dollars.

Needless to stay, this would not stand. If i'm gonna spend seven bucks on a movie, I'm damn well gonna get my money's worth. So, in the best tradition of the oppressed, we snuck into a second movie.

Illegal? Yes. Morally questionable? Definately. The right thing to do? Absolutely.

The Pink Panther proved to be a very funny movie, and while some would consider the jokes a bit juvinille, I loved it, and left feeling like I had exacted my 16 ounces of flesh from the hollywood machine.

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dreamwalker said...

Thanks for the warning, I will avoid Ultraviolet as I avoided The Hulk.

The new Pink Panther with Steve Martin in the lead? Haven't seen that yet. We are behind the rest of the world when it comes to movie release dates...poor little forgotten island.