Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called 'walking'."- George W. Bush

DOA Management's Rob update- Still in the corner, still sobbing, still all but useless when it comes to bringing the funny. We threw him some Mardi Gras beads, but that only set off another wave of sobbing. We instead present the second installment of the story that is gripping millions:

Dizzy's San Antonio Adventure- Part 2

After a meal and a good night's sleep, Dizzy awoke to meet the new day. She pulled aside the curtains of her microtel suite (Phred is many things, but not cheap) to see the warm texas sunshine warming the haunted factory next door. She smiled at the fact that at least there weren't a bunch of teenagers with a great dane parked out front in an old VW van. She kicked Phred a few times, and the pair dragged themselves downstairs for breakfast.

After a fine meal of Waffles, they went to see the most famous of all texas landmarks, the Alamo. Dizzy had already been there once before, so she busied herself in the gift shop, having promised the Webkahunah a new Shot glass for his collection. She picked the two oddest, (pictured below) and noticed that Phred had wandered off.

As Phred walked around the old mission, he heard some comotion outside the thick stone walls. Peeking slowly over the wall, he was stunned to see mexican troops bringing a cannon to bear on him. Phred ducked down, unsure of his sanity. He was sure that he had become swept up in the nostalgia of history. He looked again to still see the cannon, the mexicans, and a very short man that looked remarkably like Santa Ana. Phred considered his options, as Dizzy approached to see that all the blood had drained from his face.

"What's wrong?" she asked.
"Mexicians." Phred replied.
"In general, or one in particular?"
"Outside the walls! They've come to re-take the Alamo!"

Dizzy doubted the logic of Phred's conclusion, and poked her own head over the wall to see the Mexicans, the shortest Davy Crockett she had ever laid eyes on, and the cannon. Santa Ana soon emerged from a nearby porta-potty. What she also saw that Phred had missed while panicing himself was the huge banner that said "reenactment today". Dizzy pointed it out to him, and Phred felt really stupid, which they both agreed was appropriate to the moment. They hung out for a bit to watch the most half-hearted attempt to take over the Alamo either of them had ever seen, with Phred remarking more than once that a single samuri and a few stampeding bulls would have turned the tide of the battle in the Texans favor.

Hungry from all the simulated carnage, the pair made their way to the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk. It should be noted at this point that the San Antonio River is not so much a river as a glorified drainage ditch, that "them industrious Texans" converted into a primo tourist attraction. They had some wonderful barbeque for lunch and enjoyed a pleasant stroll along the river.

After heading back to the hotel for a quick nap, they headed out again in search of dinner and excitement. Finding out that there was a Dave and Busters in the area, they made up their minds that this could provide a lovely evening of dining, drinking, and entertaiment... until they actually got there and found out there was a two and a half hour wait for dinner. Agahst at this, with tummy rumbling, Dizzy called the hotel to ask that hippest of all concierges, Issac, for some advice. Issac also was agahst at the wait at D&B's, and recommended that they try a place called "Magic Time Machine" instead.

Off they rode into the night in search of nurishment, unsure of how the night would play out, and unaware of the surprises that yet awaited them.

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dreamwalker said...

Having checked out links to both places, I'd say the Magic Time Machine would be my choice too...more fun :) Shades of Pulp Fiction.

Love the glasses, especially the 'standing' glass :D