Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Meme Monday, but on a tuesday

Tagged by Stacey, whose kid will be making appearences in the next few Dogs of Atlantis comics provided I can circumvent some (if not all) of the child labor laws.

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Six weird things about yours truly:

1) That I find it really hard to come up with six weird things about myself. I mean, I am acknowledged in most quarters as a fairly weird person, but to me these things all seem normal. Does that seem weird?

2) I have an inner monologue that narrates my existence. For instance, after my alarm went off this morning it went something like this: “I woke up this morning, a little shocked that I couldn’t force the alarm clock to explode through sheer force of will. Seeing as how the day had no intention of letting me sleep till noon, I got up and dragged the bulk of my body to the shower.” Or when over the weekend, I ran into a pretty girl who recognized me at a sci-fi convention: “I half-heartedly glanced around the room, not really caring what the presenter had to say about his topic, when I saw a smile that could light up a room. She grinned at me coyly, saying hello with just her eyes. I imagined for a moment what it would be like to run away with her to a distant tropical island before I noticed that she was pushing a stroller full of kids wearing pointed ears.”

3) I chuckle after almost everything I say (usually because I think it’s funny… which it almost never is)

4) Despite being recognized as an open, life-of-the-party type, I consider myself to be the biggest introvert I know, (particularly in situations that I should be entirely comfortable with) to the point where I exclude myself from many parties and gatherings by finding a good place to hide. Okay, maybe that isn’t so much weird as a quirk of my personality, but it sure makes me feel weird.

5) I have a tendency when watching a movie to accurately predict plot elements before they happen. This drives Dizzy nuts. For example, in the Transporter , there is a scene where the Driver is given a large duffel bag to deliver.

Me: There’s a person in that bag.

Dizzy: What?

Me: There’s a person in that bag. Probably a hot chick.

Three minutes later, he opens the bag, and there’s indeed an attractive woman inside.

Dizzy: Damn you.

Later, there is a scene where the Driver’s employer hands him a non-descript briefcase and asks him to deliver it.

Me: There’s a bomb in that briefcase. He’s trying to kill the driver.

Dizzy: How could you possibly know that?

Me: I dunno. Just do.

Five minutes later: BOOM!

Dizzy: Will you stop doing that? And wipe that smirk of your face!

6) I talk in my sleep… to the point where I have had full, intelligent conversations with the others while sleeping. It disturbs me a little that the ex-wife used to exploit this particular backdoor to my subconscious to find out how I ‘really’ felt about certain things. After she came clean and admitted to doing this, she promised me she never would do it again, but I’ve always wondered just what else I may have said to her over the years.

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Stacey said...

#2 is almost certainly the most common trait of a good writer.