Friday, March 09, 2007

A snippet of conversation...

Last night while having dinner with Ronnie and Ducky, I ran into an aquaintence and his wife. They happened to be seated at the table next to ours, and would occasionally lean over to engage me in conversation.

They were drinking and having a good time, when I notice that they've started arguing... although I prayed to all the major deities not to involve me in whatever it was, they leaned over anyway.

"Rob, can I ask your opinion about something?" The guy says.

"Uh... sure" I say.

"How do you feel about gay marriage?" She says.

"Um... well... it's a complicated issue..."

"But it's okay for two chicks to marry, right?" the guy says.

"Yeah..." I say warily, "I don't see a problem with it."

"SEE?" The guy shouts, "Gay marriage is fine if it's two chicks! But no one wants to see two guys get married."

"Wait a second... I didn't say that."

"Plus that," The guy continues, convinced he's winning this argument of theirs, "It's against a man's nature to get married to begin with! There should be no problem about dudes getting hitched, because guys wouldn't willingly marry someone to begin with."

This logic boggles my mind for a moment, but I manage to recover my senses long enough to politely excuse myself by talking with Ronnie about VooDoo football.

sheesh. Some people amaze me. I couldn't make up stuff like this if I tried.

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Melinda Barton said...

Couldn't this guy tell that you're a lesbian? I mean, you're obviously a big ol' dyke.