Thursday, March 29, 2007


As many of you know, Mobicon is coming up, and Dave and I were kicking around the idea of a Cannonball Run themed room party. The original plan was to rent an RV and park it in the hotel parking lot for the occasion, but then the ever amazing Dizzy managed to book me a room in the hotel (after I had been assured by the front desk guy that there were no rooms available that weekend, not no way, not no how. Dizzy continues to amaze me.) Eliminating our need for the RV. I still want a clever excuse to go ahead and make that Captain Chaos hood and cape I've always wanted though... all seemed lost. Then I came across this on the amazing thing we call the internet:

The Cannonball Run drinking game.
Whenever the sheik's intro music is played - 1 drink
Whenever the Japanese music is played (to introduce Jackie Chan) - 1 drink
Whenever the James Bond movie comes on (to introduce Roger Moore) - 1 drink
Anytime the Doctor's music comes on (the Doctor in the back of the ambulance) - 1 drink
Anytime JJ (Burt Reynolds) does his famous laugh - 1 drink
Whenever Dom Deluise mentions "him" or "he" referring to Captain Chaos - 1 drink.
If Captain Chaos appears - 2 drinks, and the players must sing "Dunh, Dunh, Daaaah!"
Whenever any girl driver lowers her shirt zipper - 1 drink for each girl that does it
Whenever Farrah Fawcett talks about trees - 1 drink
When JJ speaks like Donald Duck - 2 drinks
When Mel Tillis and Terry Bradshaw drive their car into the pool - 1 drink
Anytime Burt Reynolds slaps Dom Deluise (this includes during the closing credits) =- 1 drink per slap
Any car spins out - 1 drink per car
Anytime the Sheik pays someone - 1 drink
Anytime Mel Tillis stutters:
    If Mel Tillis finally gets the correct word out - 1 more drink
    If he has to change is word - 2 drinks
Anytime Mel Tillis and Terry Bradshaw say, are holding or refer to a "Bud" or a "Beer" - 1 drink
Anytime Dean Martin appears with a drink - 1 drink
Anytime the Doctor sprays or injects his needle - 1 drink
Anytime Sammy Davis says "turkeys" - 1 drink
Anytime the 2 Cannonballers on the motorcycle are shown doing Wheelies - 1 drink
Anytime that both Burt Reynolds and Dom Deluise say "Foyt" - 1 drink
Anytime someone is pulled over by a cop - 1 drink
Anytime a new woman appears with Roger Moore in his car - 1 drink
Anytime that Roger Moore stops a woman from pressing a button in the car. - 1 drink.   If the woman presses the button - 2 drinks
When Dom Deluise sings the Dr. Pepper theme - 2 drinks
Anytime you can see Farrah Fawcett's nipples through her shirt - 1 drink
Anytime the Black guy in the pickup truck does an impersonation - 1 drink
When the Lone Ranger theme comes on - 1 drink
During the closing credit bloopers anytime the clicker is clicked - 1 drink.
So, now I'm thinking that we could develop a special drink for shots during this game, call it "the Cannonball Rum" and make up flyers inviting as many people as we can to it, and proceed to rock the hizzy. (Whatever the hell that means) Who's in?

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Lauren said...

That may be the best drinking game ever. I am utterly crushed that I will not get to play it with you.