Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Very Geeky Christmas.... Part 8- Geeky christmas carols

I'll be Cloned for Christmas

(To The Tune "I'll be Home for Christmas")

I'll be Cloned for Christmas,
There’ll be three of me;
One to Work, and One to Shop,
And One just for Parties.

Christmas Eve, I'm certain,
I won't be alone;
I'll be home for Christmas,
Or else I'll send a Clone!

Happily addicted to the Web

(To The Tune of "Winter Wonderland")

Doorbell rings, I'm not list'nin',
From my mouth, drool is glist'nin',
I'm happy -- although
My boss let me go --
Happily addicted to the Web.

All night long, I sit clicking,
Unaware time is ticking,
There's beard on my cheek,
Same clothes for a week,
Happily addicted to the Web!

Friends come by; they shake me, Saying, "Yo, man!
Don't you know tonight's the senior prom?"

With a listless shrug, I mutter "No, man;
I just discovered laugh-a-lot-dot-com!"

I don't phone, don't send faxes,
I just play WOW, don't pay taxes,
Who cares if someday, they drag me away?
I’m happily addicted to the Web

I'm happily addicted to the Web!
Happ-ily, ad-dict-ed to the Web!!!

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