Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Holy hitmen, Batman!

I swear, the Saint-sational story of my weekend is forthcoming, but I ran across something I had to comment upon...

As if all those offers for "natural male enhancement" in my mailbox weren't enough, now I have to be on the lookout for scam artists posing as hitmen that want to kill me.

As I read the above linked article, the following thoughts occured to me:

1) If an actual hitman approached me with this offer, I would still be screwed as I don't have 100 grand under my mattress or anything. Most I could counter offer would be 50 bucks and a coupon for a free pitcher of beer at Hooters.

2) Those that would fall for this must be some pretty paranoid people... my first thought when confronted with this would be akin to "There is no one on this planet who would shell out 50 thou just to see me dead."

3) It would be very easy to insert a few generic locations or events to that e-mail to convince a complete stranger that you actually had them under survellence. (I.E.: "I saw you in Wal-mart a few weeks ago and you even bought my employer a gift, you cheapskate.", "you really need to cut down on the between meal snacking" or "I'm sure the folks at that coffee shop will miss you.") I wonder how the con artist missed that.

4) I think way too much like a criminal.


Dreamwalker said...

The problem is I don't even read my spam, just consign it all to the trash. I could be on a hit list as we speak and not even know it!! :)

I wonder if anyone ever really falls for these scams? You would have have the IQ of a gnat, or have unbelievably nasty wealthy friends. Still if someone can sell snow...


Melinda Barton said...

Problem is: If I got an e-mail like that, it might actually be real! We all know how much and how often I tick people off.

You... eh! Not so much. Although there is that one person waiting to replace you as alpha male. Sooooooo.... Watch your back! bwahahahahahahaha!