Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Only a situation? Wake me when it becomes a catastrophe...

Apparently, we have a bit of a situation here in southeast louisiana... the entire half of the state is slowly sliding into the gulf of Mexico like a very lazy avalanche. According to the linked article, the state is falling into the water at a rate of about the width of 2 credit cards per year.

Okay, kids... time for some math:

My credit card (okay... debit card. I never said my credit rating was flawless.) measures 3.5 inches at its wide point... my house is approximately 35.16 miles from the gulf waters as the crow flies, (or in this case as the land slides) or 2,227,953.34 inches to the sparkling blue waters that separate me from Cuba.

2 times 3.5 equals 7

2,227,953.34 divided by 7 is 636,558.097.

In short, by the year 638,565 A.D., my apartment will be beachfront property, and New Orleans flooding problems will be a much deeper issue.

At least it gives me some time to figure out where I should evacuate to...

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RingoWolf said...

Ha ha! Deeper issue!