Monday, May 21, 2007

Do not adjust your sets...

This is not a photoshop image. This is an actual Photograph of Captain Chaos and his illegal immigrant sidekick, Catastrophe Boy 5. (after the first 4 Catastrophe Boys perished due to, well.. catastrophes, The good captain decided to save money by hiring his sidekicks in front of his local Home Depot.)

There is a saying in Fandom circles... being a fan means never having to say "where would I wear this?". And so this weekend, Mobicon was the perfect place to wear the Captain Chaos outfit I've been working on.

I admit, I had considered not going to Mobicon this year due to having the worst week ever last week... but the hotel room was already reserved, my admission was already paid for, and a whole heap of my friends were going including my masked friend above, better known as Dave. Yes, that is indeed Dave... looking completely different than normal with a porn star style wig and mustache. We walked up to several people we knew throughout the night, and few recognized him until I gave up our secret identities.

Apparently, Dave makes for a very convincing migrant worker... and I need to work on the whole "secret" part of the secret identity thing. It seems that when surrounded by women like in the picture to my right, it apparently doesn't take long to get me to give up my name, address phone number, blood type, voter registration number and credit card information. I am proud though, that not once did I take off the mask that night. (the photo was from the night before when I was much, much drunker) On the bright side, Being Captain Chaos acted as an automatic filter for screening out women that were way to young for me to be messing with. If they didn't recognize me... probably too young. I did however notice that a number of the younger women thought Dave and I were supposed to be a pair of mexican wrestlers.

And lo, the generational gap gets wider.

In any event it was a fun weekend. Among the more notible highlights...

1) Taking a voice over seminar with Dave and laughing hysterically at how much he sounded like the old child molester character from 'Family Guy' when reading his copy.

2) Made a few contacts that may lead to me doing more paranormal investigations in alabama.

3) The following exchange between me and a pretty woman:

Me: My name is Rob... as in the verb 'to steal'
Her: As in to steal my heart?
Me: I am so using that line from now on.

4) Dave doing a pratfall every time I introduced him as Catastrophe Boy. Most people just thought he was drunk.

5) The quieter room parties suddenly filling up within mere moments of Captain Chaos entering the room. I know that where I am, that's where the party is... but to see it confirmed was astounding. By the end of the night, we were greeted more than once by "It's Captain Chaos, and he's come to save our party!"

6) About halfway through the night, me having to explain why I saved the dog at the end of the Cannonball Run instead of winning the race. Then being backed up by a fanboy who thought that was the right decision.

7) Getting shot down by women that were way out of my league not once, not twice, but thrice.

8) Being admonished by a friend for not being in the right place at the right time to stop some loser from making off with an entire tray of jello shots from a room party. (Where was Captain Chaos when we needed HIM? HE could have stopped this guy!)

9) Me blaming it on Catastrophe Boy when he was out of earshot.

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