Monday, May 07, 2007

It's another Meme Monday....

Culled from Manic Monday:

What do you remember about your first day of school?

Well, let’s see… 33 years or so ago, I was 4 years old, and entering Pre-K. (jeeze… there are countries in eastern Europe that didn’t last for 33 years.) I’m continually amazed that my photographic memory actually works back that far, but what I remember most was standing in line in a big blue hallway behind a cute little brunette girl while my Mom argued with some blonde haired lady about something I simply had no interest in. I remember the little girl turning around and smiling at me, and I remember her eyes were a deep shade of brown.

Have you ever attended a high school or college reunion? What was it like?

I tend to avoid reunions because the people I would want to talk to at them I’ve kept in touch with anyway. Plus that, when your high school graduating class consists of internet moguls and Nobel Prize nominees, you feel like a bit of a loser with a sales job that barely pays the rent.

Do you keep in regular contact with anyone from high school and/or college?

Yes, I do. I talk to or see almost all my close friends from college at least once a month, and have a friend from high school I call about once every two months. It’s a little strange, but I actually re-connected with a lot of folks from my high school/teenage years after Hurricane Katrina. (Most contacted me because they were worried I may have drowned or something.)

From Curious as a Cat:

If you had to explain the concept of religion to someone from another planet, how would you do it?

In science, we are taught to ask “why?” until everything is explained… drilling down into the core of the origin of everything. When you get to the point in your questions where science no longer can provide the answers, religion and faith take over.

Which one of your senses do you use the most? The least?

I use my vision the most I suppose I look at everything from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. For the least, it’s probably (sadly) my sense of touch.

What event from your teen years would you like to relive just as it happened?

My fondest memories of my teen years are of hanging out after school in lower Manhattan with my best friend, Alex. It seemed back then like every day was another adventure waiting to happen, but mostly we would hang out in Battery Park watching the pretty wall street secretary types change out of their high heels after work and into their sneakers. We’d also eat a lot of Zeppoles and then throw the remaining powdered sugar at each other or even better at other kids that happened to piss us off, while watching the ships pass by on the harbor. Any one of those afternoons would fit the bill.

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