Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So, I talked to my Dad...

And he is in much better spirits... He said to give a shout out to all those that expressed their sympathies, and expressly forbade me from leaving flaming dog poop on anyone's doorstep. After a few laughs over how silly the whole thing was to him, we spent the rest of our conversation discussing the intelectual enuii expressed in the latest Godzilla movie.

No, that doesn't mean making "Groonk, Groonk" noises at each other in an attempt to capture Godzilla's inner pathos.

You know, I know my Dad's a big nerd just like his eldest son, but it always surprises me when he out-geeks me. I called him from in fromt of my friend Leah's house, who lives only a few blocks from the local fire station. Apparently, at 6pm, they test their air raid/tornado warning siren. It was really loud, and I joked with Dad that it sounded like they were calling the Morlocks. this, I figured was a rather clever joke referencing the classic George Pal movie, The Time Machine. Dad chuckled but didn't laugh.... instead he got all Fanboy on me and said, "Excuse me? don't you mean 'calling the Eloi'?" He was of course correct, but only 5% of the freakin population would have not only noticed the difference, but to called me on it.

Old geeks never die. They just win more trivia contests.

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