Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kahunah sans legendary "comedic timing"....

Today has been a very strange and troubling day. All day I have felt “out of sync” with my surroundings… I don’t know what triggered it, but it’s annoying as hell feeling like I’m exactly three seconds behind the rest of the universe.

I don’t handle being annoyed real well, folks. Tends ta make me grumpy. The grumpiness in turn, gives me a strange sort of detachment that prompts me to use phrases like “not if there were exploding flying monkeys involved”.

On top of this weird lag in my brain, I found today that I really need to check my Yahoo! Accounts more often. I don’t log in much anymore primarily because I don’t surf the web at home any more, and I don’t like to abuse my privileges by chatting at work. But my friend Steph was having a rough day yesterday, and asked that I log onto Yahoo messenger to chat if I could find the time.

Despite my three second lag, I did find the time… three seconds too late though, cause she wasn’t there.

The thing is, there were a bunch of offline messages waiting for me when I logged on. Normally I would delete them, as I’m not particularly interested in checking out nude pics of various women in compromising pictures or what they did this week with their sorority sisters. Okay, maybe I am a little interested… but I am also at work, folks; If I think chatting at work is abuse, well then porn on the company dime is a definite no-no.

Anyway, normally I would delete them, but I noticed a few mixed in there from people I knew, so I read them this time.

Apparently, about three months or so ago I got some fan mail about my blog over Yahoo from a 30ish woman that lives in Metairie. She found her way here through my yahoo profile, had lots of great compliments about my writing style, my creativity, and my sense of humor. She even expressed that she would love to hear from me. Normally, I would be positively giddy about this.

I’m in a bad mood as it is, and then I get said message THREE months later. From a woman who thinks me funny and charming and lives 20 minutes away. Not fair. SO not fair.

So, do I write back to her anyway?


Brou HahHah said...

Yes. What could it hurt?

Melinda Barton said...

Go for it. Just have a really good explanation for the not checking e-mail: like you were on a secret mission for months and a pretend Rob has been posting on your blog to keep your secret mission secret.