Thursday, November 29, 2007

Arrrgh... tis the season, ya know...

Time for some comedy 101 people... can anyone out there tell me what exactly makes this cartoon funny enough for milk to come out of my nose?

I see no hands... I guess it's up to me. Now, you might think that the elven pirates with quizzical looks on their faces make it funny... after all, short people (as a rule) are pretty funny... but no, that ain't it. A look at the caption "Yo HO HO and a bottle of egg nog"? No... that just sells the joke. Maybe the juxtaposition of a beloved holiday icon with the ruthlessness of the pirate? No again.

It's funny cause Santa has a peg-leg, and the parrot has an eyepatch. Handicapped people are always funny.

That's right, folks... I'm gettin nothing but coal in my stocking.

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