Friday, November 02, 2007

More about the eggs...

So, I was relating my previous blog entry to my friend Ray at Pub Quiz last night, when he asked what I thought was the obvious question about it...

"What would your entry be like that would make it so much better than this vapid girl from the middle of nowhere?"

So I told him, "I would have gone way more weird with it. I would have brought to light the eternal struggle between the sunny-side up eggs and their scrambled cousins. Even when they were first brought forth from the chickens rear, they probably had their own opinions about how they should be prepared..."

"True." Ray said, as I took a long swig from the pint of beer in front of me before continuing.

"The animosity between the two factions continues in the carton until it's so great that you in fact can not have them on the same plate without first building a wall of corned beef hash to separate the two. Why even before you had chicken/egg arguments, you probably had fried/poached arguments."

"No raw egg arguments?"

"Only with Neanderthals and boxers in training." I said smugly taking another healthy swig.

"That's pretty deep for eggs." Ray said, "But I suppose if Paul Simon can be inspired to write 'Mother and child reunion' from a dish of chicken and eggs that you can have your little mental war about them."

I nearly did a spit take. "What?"

"True story." Ray continued, "He was in a restaurant... Chinese I think... and ordered a dish they called Mother and Child Reunion. Turned out to be chicken and eggs, and inspired the song."

"That's ludicrous." I said, knowing that Ray has not only a talent for pulling peoples legs, but enjoys doing so.

"But true. Think about the lyrics... the mother and child reunion is only a moment away because he's just ordered it."

"Or is in the middle of digesting them in his stomach together."


"And you expect me to believe this?"

"Look it up if you don't believe me, Rob!"

What followed was the typical arguments one makes when someone is yanking your chain, ("Yeah, right", "like I'm gonna believe you", "Yo mama's so stupid she believes that") followed by trivia. I was however curious, and did in fact look it up on Wikipedia today. Needless to say, I was shocked, and now owe both Ray and his mama an apology. Apparently, Paul Simon can put almost anything to music and make it sound good. I also read that the guys from Robot Chicken got the name for their show from a Chinese menu though, and it makes me wonder:

Am missing out on a huge fountain of creativity by limiting myself to Chinese buffets?

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Stacey said...

Did you know that "Jedi Council" translated from English to Chinese then back to English again turns into "Presbyterian Church?" True facts... check it out here.

That'd make Mike Martin a Jedi.