Saturday, November 03, 2007

Moving day...

Today, Dogs of Atlantis headquarters was officially re-located to Kenner, Louisiana where Silverfox and I have gotten us a Condo. I know it seems quick, but allow me to share an anecdote that should show those who know me just why it seems so right. many of my closest friends have heard this story before, so I would ask that they just grin and bear it... I promise to make more with the funny when my body doen't feel like it's gone three rounds with George Foreman.

So, one of the things we lack right now is a headboard for our new bed... and the other day i get a call from Silverfox on the matter.

Her: Rob, do you know how to use a jigsaw?

Me: The tool or the puzzle?

Her: the tool.

Me: Sure, why?

Her: I have an idea for the headboard.

At this point, the "excuses" file in my brain opens up, ready to tell her all the reasons why I can't use a jigsaw, convinced that I'm gonna hate the girly design idea i'm convinced that she's come up with. the simplest being "I lost my jigsaw" the most complicated being "I have a fear of jigsaws ever since my ex wife cased me around the yard a few times with one... please don't ask me to go near one again...(sob)" then she breaks my internal file by saying...

Her: I'd like to make a giant padded Imperial Klingon crest above the bed, with torch-like sconces on either side. Maybe all in black leather.

Many things went through my mind at that moment, but the only words that came out as I started tearing up were "I love you."

I am the luckiest S.O.B. on the planet.


Brou HahHah said...

That doesn't actually sound that hard to build..

Melinda Barton said...

You are in fact, an extremely lucky man. Do you think the alternative universe Cheri would be single and gay? Should I start looking for a dimensional rift?