Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A little about Fryday...

According to Stacey, Fryday is coming. It is inevitable, much like the changing of the seasons.

I am looking forward to Fryday Eve this year (also known as Thanksgiving) because I will get to sample turducken for the first time, (oh, and of course my first major holiday with Silverfox and the Kids.. :) ) But the entire time... my mind will be wandering to deep fried snickers bars and their other greasy cousins.

For those of you that haven't already clicked on Stacey's "archive of Frydays past" above, Fryday is a holiday invented by my friends and I when we realized we had a huge fryer and a gallon of oil left over from Thanksgiving... inventive people plus larger cooking equipment always equals good times. The concept seems to be growing in popularity, though. Stacey says the guest list is at 12, and growing. I swear, before long we're gonna need our own Wikipedia entry. ( is sadly, already taken) I also think we need to look into sponsorship.
At work, several of my co-workers have been coming up to me for weeks with menu suggestions...

Among those I want to try to do this year:

Deep Fried calzones
Deep Fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches
Deep Fried chocolate stuffed strawberries
Deep Fried mac+cheese bars
Deep Fried twinkies
Deep Fried Ham and Cheese sandwiches
Deep Fried Ravioli
Deep Fried cranberry sauce

I think this year we may need two fry stations... one for the sweets, and one for the savories.

For those of you scattered about the country, I advise you to start your own Fryday celebrations this year... after all, what could be better than friends and fried food? Sure beats leftover turkey sandwiches.

Hmmm... deep fried turkey sandwiches...


Stacey said...

We're definitely going to need a 2nd fryer. Hopefully I can borrow my stepdad's. The guest list is quickly approaching 20. Yikes! Bring your own drinks and stuff to fry, people!

I think it's funny that while I was typing this, "A Little Less Conversation" came on the radio. I <3 Elvis!!

Melinda Barton said...

I wonder how many people read this and googled turducken?